Who is Atesto 

Atesto Vancouver is a movement with a desire to utilize the power of creative storytelling to bring people together and make Jesus known. Atesto Vancouver has organized both gatherings in various theatre venues and collaborative events with local churches. Along with Atesto Music, members from different communities are invited to share their stories through a range of art forms, including spoken word, dance, songwriting, photography, videography, painting, and sculpture. Atesto Vancouver exists to encourage those who are part of the local church to recognize Jesus' presence in their stories, along with the significance of sharing these stories and exercising God-given gifts.



When Brando (a storyteller) stood up to share his story, the congregation erupted with cheers and encouragement, and that was so incredibly moving to me. To see unity, to see the people around him encourage him in his faith.
— Colin Yen, Worship Coordinator of Atesto Vancouver
The way creativity is expressed through this ministry is refreshing and brings greater authenticity to worship.
— Myra Cheung


Everyone has a story - an Atesto. It is a movement of young men and women, storytelling through raw, creative mediums to tell His story through your life. This is your testimony.

A captivating and powerful story of God's ability to bring life and freedom to Menwoh in West Africa. Shared alongside Atesto: Life + Freedom.

Walk alongside Beverly as she tells us her story through her craft. Final Piece + Behind The Scenes on the Blog. Get the EP here. Song Used: "We Will Make It There" by Abby Gundersen

Sarah Suk shared her powerful testimony through a spoken word piece called Dear Brother at Atesto: Respond @ Missions Fest.

This short segment was created for ATESTO: Experience.

God revealed himself to Elijah when his faith was deep, and also when he was fearful and ran for his life. Elijah experienced the presence of God and He chose to come in the ways that Elijah needed most. In fear, Elijah wanders to Horeb not knowing why God has left him fleeing for his life.

This short segment was created for ATESTO: Experience.

Elijah comes out to meet the Lord after hiding away from the fire, the wind, and the earthquake. 



Celina Lam

Publicist | Atesto Vancouver