Before the new year, our team gathered to think of a name that would present what our ministry, Missions Fest and Jesus meant to us. When we turn to know Jesus, His love overflows in us – it pours over to all surrounding spaces and becomes something that has breached the limits of its containment. The love of Jesus is audacious and incredible, given to us freely to experience and press into. If we allow ourselves to fully experience His love, it cannot be contained only in our minds, hearts and lives. Rather, that love results in an overflow. It’s the natural result of truly experiencing His love in our lives – that love overflow outwards as the Spirit moves inwards within us.

The way we live, who we live for and what we live for is changed as a result of this overflow. Our lives may look the same but our reasons behind our actions and purpose change. Work becomes not just a paycheque. Our colleagues are not just our coworkers. Those daily tasks and movements become our mission field – spaces where we reach outwards to the people who we see brokenness in and need the love of Jesus. Ultimately, when we press into Jesus we want His presence to overflow and as we gather to worship and hear stories of Jesus, we witness that overflow in other people. We experience that overflow through the lens, voice and movement of His people gathered together with Him. 

What We Hope For

We want people to leave our time together at Missions Fest feeling like they want more – more of Jesus, His love and story. We want people leaving our gathering to feel challenged and encouraged. We want them to leave with the thought of living a life of overflow – to go out and lead others to know the name, story of love of Jesus. 

Why Missions Fest Conference

Atesto is about the stories of His people. We are a ministry built on Your Life, His Story, fueled by the testimonies of how or what Jesus is doing in the lives of people in our community. We are honoured to return to Missions Fest for a third year. It has been a space and partnership that has given our ministry a platform to share the stories of His people. When people gather at Missions Fest, it’s time carved out to equip and inspire everyday people to overflow and lead outwards into what Jesus is calling them to do.

 Gather with us on Jan 28, 1:30 – 3:30 pm

 Canada Place, Hall A and lets OVERFLOW

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